Iron Movement

An iron movement has developed in Switzerland. After the nationwide iron education, more and more women and doctors realized that iron deficiency was very common and had not been treated properly. In the past, women with a state of exhaustion, listlessness to depressive mood, dizziness, headaches or neck tension were not diagnosed as iron deficiency, but unnecessarily clarified, wrongly treated and often even wrongly psychiatrised. This has changed in this Alpine country.

Switzerland is the first country in which intravenous iron therapy has established itself. Over a million iron deficiency patients have already been successfully treated in the “Iron Country” thanks to over ten thousand doctors and Swiss hospitals. In cooperation with its patients, the Swiss medical profession has done pioneering global work and will go down in medical history as a role model.

In 2019, the Federal Council intends to discriminate against women and children by abolishing the reimbursement obligation for the iron therapy they require. These millions of people will protest and convert to “iron protestants”. They have been carrying out a preemptive strike since the end of 2018 and are going to vote at An uprising of conscience and the masses is taking place in Switzerland.