Children’s Movement

In addition to women, it is mainly children who also frequently suffer from iron deficiency. The reason for this is an unmet need. They grow due to cell division. For example, if a cell contains a hundred iron atoms and divides, there are two cells with 50 iron atoms each. If one divides, the number of the iron atoms is reduced to 25. Therefore, the children have a daily increased need compared to adult men. Typical iron deficiency symptoms in children are exhaustion, a lack of attention, headaches, listlessness or sleep disorders.

More and more women treated with iron infusions realize that their children also lack iron if they suffer from the symptoms mentioned above. At the latest when they become conspicuous at school and the teachers flirt with the psychiatrist and Ritalin, the children and their parents should sound the alarm bells, which is increasingly the case in Switzerland.

A children’s movement has emerged in Switzerland, but unlike the women’s movement it is still in its early stages. More and more children are also being treated with iron infusions. They themselves, as well as their parents and teachers, usually see the difference to before the treatment. Most children benefit from this and become healthy.