Parent Movement

Many parents suffer when their children become conspicuous in kindergarten or school because of their tiredness, lack of concentration and decreasing school performance. The stressful parent discussions with the teachers are often the beginning of an unnecessary odyssey. As soon as such a child is referred to a psychologist or even a psychiatrist, the remedial class becomes a topic or a prescription for Ritalin is issued, the parents’ alarm bells should ring. After all, they are responsible for their children. If the misleading orthodox medical training of pediatricians lures their children in the wrong direction, the parents must react and do the right thing for their children.

They can orient themselves on the findings of the SIHO and learn from the experiences of other parents. They should sign the demand that their children be given first and foremost what they really lack.

Parents should get together and share their experiences. The Iron Enlightenment is very contagious, as the Iron and Women’s Movements have shown.

Parents are responsible for their children and should have their Ferritin levels determined as soon as they suffer from symptoms suspected of iron deficiency and the teachers notice them. If this is less than 50 ng/ml, therapy with iron infusions is primarily indicated. As soon as children have the same amount of iron as adult men, most of them become healthy. Then, in many cases, no special classes, no psychiatrists and no Ritalin are needed.

It would be ideal if pediatricians, like the Swiss Iron Health Organisation, finally understood that children need the same amount of iron as adult men to be healthy. Unfortunately, however, they still believe in the textbook with the abstruse teaching that a Ferritin value of seven is sufficient for children, while it is over 100 for adult men.