Women’s Movement

Iron deficiency mainly affects women and children. Women regularly lose mucous membrane, blood and iron to the baton of the moon. While the mucous membrane and the blood are restored by the body itself, the excreted iron is and remains lost forever. The human body cannot produce iron. It depends on receiving it back from the outside. Because iron tablets are usually ineffective and often poorly tolerated, Swiss doctors have introduced intravenous iron therapy.

In the last twenty years, more and more iron deficiency patients have found their way to their iron doctors. While in the initial phase this could still be counted on one hand, today over 10,000 doctors and all Swiss hospitals give iron infusions to those who need them in order to become healthy. Swiss women have come of age and no longer put up with what textbooks expect of them. They know that a Ferritin level of 15 ng/ml is usually not enough and that iron tablets have failed. That’s why they got together. In the meantime, over a million iron deficiency patients have been successfully treated with iron infusions.